CNBC Web Exclusive Video

We encourage you to view this three-minute CNBC website exclusive interview of our founder, Roger Bloss, as he explains our innovative and intriguing business model to a surprised reporter.

Vantage Hospitality Group's partners had a vision to develop a different hotel brand affiliation model - one that offered a better Return on Investment and more world-class services and resources, and put the decision-making power in the hands of its hotel owners. In 1999, this vision became reality with the launch of Americas Best Value Inn.

"When we started this business, many people tried to discourage us; told us a new national membership brand would never work," said Roger Bloss, Founder, CEO & President of Vantage Hospitality, parent company of Americas Best Value Inn and Lexington by Vantage. "However, we didn't listen, and we certainly didn't get to where we are today by following the rules."

History is obviously made by leaders with innovative ideas, who aren't afraid to break the rules. The old rules of the lodging industry used to be:

  • Don't start a business with your close friends
  • Don't introduce a product into a well-established market
  • Don't expect exceptional growth within the first 10 years
  • Don't let hotel owners run the brand

Bloss and his partners ignored the critics and made Americas Best Value Inn the exception to the rule. Ever since, there's been "a whole lot of shaking going on" in the lodging industry.

The growth of Vantage Hospitality can be attributed to Bloss' development of The Freestyle Brand Affiliation Model - which is an affordable brand alternative to the typical franchise model. In other words, Americas Best Value Inn is a hotel company run by hotel owners.

Americas Best Value Inn hotel owners, or "members," are charged low, flat fees, based on number of rooms - not a percentage of revenue; no long term contracts; and members have A Voice and A VoteSM in the brand's direction. In fact, Americas Best Value Inn is led by a member Advisory Board and Advertising Council and any significant changes to the brand's direction, including fees, must be voted upon and approved by two-thirds of the voting membership. To the surprise of many, this "Voice and Vote" model works.

You've heard from Roger. Now hear what our members have to say. Success Stories